Charles 个人采访

Q: What can you get from our courses?
A: I mean art has always been one of my passion since childhood, so through this class, I think I gained a deeper understanding of the actual art, such as what is 2-D drawing or how to create a poster through creative progress. I believe these experiences serve as powerful support in my university years, in which I will be doing my design and drawing.

Q: Please use 3 words to describe our studio/teacher.
A: Passionate = all teachers in this studio are motivated in what they are teaching. I can tell from their lectures that they truly treasure what they want to convey to us through these courses. 
Creative = the studio has been redesigned last year; I liked the new classroom and environment, which somehow makes me more concentrated in class. I mean, that is the magic of design and creation.
Responsible = the teachers know what they are doing and always plan ahead of the lectures they are going to give. So while we work efficiently through every class, we often have time to take a break and relax since our schedule is all set.

Q: Can you please describe your learning experience with your teacher?
A: While Ray sometimes might be strict in his teaching (you know, since he wants us to be engaged and stay on task), he is very humorous sometimes. He often shares with us some of his important life experiences and lessons while we draw, which I find to be very helpful in the future indeed. Overall, not only does the course serves to be a very chill and fun experience in memory, but it is also beneficial academically speaking.