[[en]]Academic Art[[zh]]课程标题

[[en]]Age 8.5 - 12[[zh]]年龄

[[en]]In our Academic Art, we foster our students’ confidence by further developing their skills, techniques, and problem-solving abilities. This curriculum covers a wide spectrum in art and provides visual literacy to each child. This course has 9 levels (basic to advance). It comprises of sketching, painting, basic design principles, art history, traditional and contemporary art, etc. Although we begin to encourage observational/representational i.e., “realistic”) drawing, we also continue to cultivate their creativity and imagination. Basic but vital concepts are introduced and strengthened with lectures that incorporate art concepts and vocabulary. We provide exciting lessons that are educational and fun to encourage a long-term passion for art.
[[zh]]在我们的 Academic Art 中,我们通过进一步发展学生的综合技能,绘画技巧和解决问题的能力来培养他们的自信心。 该课程涵盖了广泛的艺术范围,并注重培养学生的视觉素养。 本课程有9个级别(基础到高级)。它包括素描,绘画,基本设计原则,艺术史,传统和当代艺术等。 虽然我们开始鼓励学生开始写实绘画,但我们也继续培养他们的创造力和想象力。我们的艺术课程是通过讲课的形式结合艺术理论和词汇来让学生们理解和加强基本概念。课程的设计是教育性和趣味性结合的,以鼓励学生们对艺术的长期热情。

Academic Art 1

[[en]]Develop a solid proficiency and foundation in drawing and painting skills, building upon student’s art exposure and vocabulary. Students will have the opportunity in various art media: watercolour, acrylic, pencil crayon, chalk pastels, and more. This class will increase the student’s understanding of value through intense black and white artworks. Students will learn to apply his/her colour knowledge in painting works.Academic Art 1 Designed to expose students to a multitude of art styles, including famous classic and modern artists, and the infinite possibilities of creative expressions in their life.
[[zh]]AP1课程旨在绘画技能方面建立扎实基础和熟练程度,培养学生的艺术多样性与艺术词汇。学生将有机会学习各种艺术材料技巧:水彩,亚克力,彩铅,粉笔粉彩等。本课程将通过许多黑白艺术作品再次加强学生对明暗关系的更深理解。 学生还将学习如何将色彩理论应用于绘画作品中。

Academic Art 2

[[en]]The teaching in Academic Art 2 takes the student to develop them holistically in art, connecting theme to all subjects. Developing art as a serious hobby. Master advanced illustration and painting techniques through famous and challenging artworks. Students will give the opportunity to work freely at own’s pace for maximum experiential learning. Students are trained from the foundation of drawing and colour moving on to enumerate on the final aspects of each medium. Demands creativity and individualism, students will be required to attempt artworks of widely varying styles and concepts in both drawings, paintings and mixed media.