[[en]]Visual Art[[zh]]课程标题

[[en]]Ages 4-7

[[en]]Our personalizes program for our young kid art classes to suit their capabilities. This course is intended for students, ages 4 to 7, and focuses on developing basic art knowledge, beginning skills, creativity, and imagination. Children work across carefully designed, exciting Fine Art Curriculum in 6 parts: drawing, painting, mixed media, Artist, Cultural art, and Art exploration program. All parts are designed with fun theme,various materials and concepts. This brings out their self-expression, improves concentration, refines motor skills and channelizes their energy in a positive direction. As students’ learning abilities mature, the class will involve challenging art content that will help prepare the child with strong comprehensive knowledge for the future. Visual Art comprises of 6 levels. The program establishes strong fundamentals to move on to the next level that is the BA Program.
[[zh]]VA 是我们为孩子以适合他们能力而个性化设计的艺术课程。本课程面向4至7岁的学生,专注于培养基本的艺术知识,基础技能,艺术素养与品质,创造力和想象力。
VA课程是精心设计的,由Fine Art(纯艺术课程)和STEAM (综合跨学科)组成,整个课程体系分为6个部分:Drawing & Painting绘画,Clay粘土,Mixed Media综合材料,Artist艺术家,Cultural Art文化艺术和Art Project-Based Learning艺术探索项目。
所有部分都围绕有趣的主题,各种材料和艺术概念来设计;并会含有Presenting (演讲表达)和Teamwork(小组合作)。这些都将提升孩子们的自我表达,提高注意力,培养精细运动并用艺术引导积极的方向。 随着学生的学习能力的成熟,课程将涉及具有挑战性的艺术内容,这将有助于孩子在未来有强大的综合知识与能力打下基础。
VA课程由6个级别组成。为孩子们可以顺利进入到下一个BA 课程建立强大基础。

[[en]]Visual Art 1[[zh]]副标题

[[en]]Experiential learning in a fun and stimulating environment. Unique art learning approach through carefully selected videos, songs, pictures, and a wide variety of hands-on learning activities that will appeal to the children’s interest and suit their short concentration spans.VA1 will be introduced to art beginning skills, basic art vocabulary, and art tools. Art materials will include pastels, watercolours, acrylic, collages and more. Children will be given the opportunity to explore, create, and achieve.Teachers who work with these young learners are carefully selected not only for their talent but also for their warm and caring approach.
VA1将介绍艺术基础技能,基本艺术语言和艺术工具。艺术材料包括粉(油)彩,水彩,颜料,拼贴等。 儿童将有机会在“艺术之旅”中去探索,创造和实现艺术创作,并有成就感。

[[en]]Visual Art 2[[zh]]副标题

[[en]]VA2 focuses more on helping students exploring their imagination and fully develop their artistic potential. Enhancing the physical observation and drawing skills, Children attempt to draw and paint from memory and still-life in this level. We also encourage idea writing and presenting within our art classes at this stage. Children will be instructed to using mind-map thinking ways and various materials technique: pastels, watercolours, acrylic, collages and more.This is one of the most versatile levels where children continue to be the expert of their own artworks. Children will understand the fundamental “ABC “of art like colour theory, space, texture, value and more. The Highly interactive program helps children gain a strong foundation in basic techniques, confidence expression, creativity, and patience.