Children Art

[[en]]The Children Art course is divided into 5 age groups, each of which has different levels of content and learning goals. Through our special course design, students would be given the opportunity to fully display their creativity, train their creative thinking, discover and use various art forms and materials. In addition, they would advance their drawing skills, familiarize with art history, and explore freely and express confidently in the art world.


Visual Art

4-7 year old

[[zh]]VA 是我们为孩子以适合他们能力而个性化设计的艺术课程。本课程面向4至7岁的学生,专注于培养基本的艺术知识,基础技能,创造力和想象力。
[[en]]Our personalized program for our young kid art classes to suit their capabilities. This course is intended for students, ages 4 to 7, and focuses on developing basic art knowledge, beginning skills, creativity, and imagination.

[[zh]]VA课程是精心设计且有趣的Fine Art Curriculum(美术课程),整个课程体系围绕7个部分展开:Drawing and Painting 画笔和颜料绘画,3D and Clay (三维立体与粘土),Mixed Media混合材料,Artist艺术家,Cultural Art文化艺术,Art Project-Based Learning艺术探索项目,Reading & Drawing (阅读绘画)。所有部分都围绕有趣的主题,各种材料,艺术形式和概念来设计, 并会含有Creative Thinking(创意思维)训练课。这将提升孩子们的自我表达,提高注意力与创造力,培养精细运动并用艺术引导积极的方向。 随着学生的学习能力的成熟,课程将涉及具有挑战性的艺术内容,这将有助于孩子在未来有强大的综合知识与能力打下基础。
[[en]]Children work across carefully designed, exciting Fine Art Curriculum in 7 parts: Drawing & Painting, 3D and Clay, Mixed Media, Artist, Cultural Art, Art Project-Based Learning and Reading & Drawing. All parts are designed with fun them,various materials, forms and concepts; also with lessons of creative thinking. This brings out their self-expression, improves concentration and creativity, refines motor skills and channelizes their energy in a positive direction. As students’ learning abilities mature, the class will involve challenging art content that will help prepare the child with strong comprehensive knowledge for the future.

Beginning Art

7-8.5 year old

[[zh]]Beginning Art(BA)是从Visual art (VA)到Academic Art (AA)的重要过渡课程, 是专为7-8.5岁学生设计的美术基础技巧课程。本课程的目的是培养学生在面临更高水平技能和知识的挑战的同时,还最大限度地保持孩子的艺术兴趣。 BA课程的学生将完成大量的单色作品,这样有助于他们认识和加深对线条,明暗关系和比例的理解。项目将包括素描基础,创意素描,线描画,静物写生等。学生还将深入学习色彩概论,并将利用这些知识,可以在之后的色彩设计项目中得心应手。 BA课程将会融入很多专业绘画材料的使用:各种铅笔,木炭,粉彩,墨水,水彩等。
[[en]]This class has been designed as the foundation Fine-Art technique class of a 1.5 years curriculum to children 7-8.5 years of age. Beginning Art (BA) is a transition from Visual art (VA) to Academic Art (AA). The purpose of this class is to maximize and maintain the child’s art interest, as he is challenged to develop a higher level of skills and knowledge. The Beginning Art student will complete a lot of monochromatic works, as he utilizes and increases his understanding of line, value, and proportion. Projects will include sketching foundation, creative sketching, line drawing, still life and more. Students will also study colour theory in-depth and will utilize this knowledge in order to achieve success in the colour design projects that will ensue. Beginning Art will offer opportunities to students to utilize pencils,charcoal, pastels, ink, watercolours, and more.  

Academic Art

8.5-10 year old

[[zh]]在我们的Academic Art中,我们通过进一步发展学生的综合技能,绘画技巧和解决问题的能力来培养他们的自信心。 该课程涵盖了广泛的艺术范围,并注重培养学生的视觉素养。 本课程包括绘画,基本设计原则,艺术史,传统和当代艺术, 漫画等。
[[en]]In our Academic Art, we foster our students’ confidence by further developing their skills, techniques, and problem-solving abilities. This curriculum covers a wide spectrum in art and provides visual literacy to each child. This course comprises drawing & painting, basic design principles, art history, traditional & contemporary art, manga etc.

[[en]]Although we begin to encourage observational/representational (i.e., “realistic”) drawing, we also continue to cultivate their creativity and imagination. Basic but vital concepts are introduced and strengthened with lectures that incorporate art concepts and vocabulary. We provide exciting lessons that are educational and fun to encourage a long-term passion for art.

Sketch Technique

8-10 year old

[[zh]]素描是所有造型艺术的基础,它用于开发个人视觉词汇。ST 作为素描基础课程,主要围绕3种教学方式:临摹/照片,写生,艺术家作品学习临摹(艺术欣赏)。内容包括几何石膏,静物,简单石膏静物组合, 风景速写等。[[en]]Sketching is fundamental for all plastic arts. It is used to develop a personal visual vocabulary. As a basic course of sketching, it is designed as 3 main teaching methods: drawing from copy and pictures, drawing from still-life and drawing from artists’ works (art appreciation). The content includes geometric plaster, still life, a simple objects combination, landscape sketch...

[[en]]Students will complete a large number of pencil works, which will enhance students' understanding of shape, line quality and texture, perspective, proportion, shadow and so on.

Pre-Professional Art

9-12 year old

[[zh]]Pre-professional Art是专为9-12岁有一定要求的学生设计的专业美术预科课程,学生在PP 课程里会遇到更高要求的学习目标和挑战,培养学生对于艺术学习的认真性与特长性。
[[en]]Pre-professional Art is a professional art fundamental course designed for students aged 9-12 who want to have certain requirements. Students will meet higher learning goals and challenges, which will develop a student’s seriousness and specialty in art learning.

[[zh]]课程涵盖一半的素描技巧,占总比例50%。我们将更进一步培养学生写实能力; 可以对于物体与石膏的结构解剖,并且以正确的比例和视角进行绘画,提高学生绘画的准确性。为了给PP课程增加一定的趣味性,课程还涉及创意综合绘画,漫画技法与设计相关课程,占总比例50%。学生将会在各种绘画和混合材料中尝试多样的风格和概念,创造不同的艺术作品,从而探索自己的艺术绘画风格,培养学生的艺术素养;课程还会含有艺术名画的风格欣赏与分析,艺术评鉴的讨论也是提升技巧并探索自己风格的方式之一。
[[en]]The course covers 50% of sketching techniques. We will further develop students' realistic ability; they can analyze the structure of objects and plaster, they will ask to show their right proportion and perspective and that all can help them to improve their accuracy. In order to add a certain amount of fun, the course will involve creative mixed media, Manga and Design Foundation, accounting for 50% of the total. Students will try a variety of styles and concepts with mixed materials, create different works of art, that can explore their own artistic painting style, and cultivate students' artistic literacy. The course will also include style appreciation and analysis of artistic famous paintings. The discussion of art assessment is also one of the ways to improve your skills and explore your style.