Advanced Art

[[en]]The Advanced Art course is designed for students who would like to further study art, and may wish to develop art into a specialty. This course is divided into 3 levels. In addition to advancing students’ drawing skills and techniques, this course also incorporates contents from different professional design fields, such as animation design, architecture design, graphic design and etc.Moreover, this course covers learning of creative and design thinking, and includes the study of art history.Senior students would be provided with computer software art courses. We also advocate research-based study, in order to improve students’ ability in all aspects.



[[en]]9-13 years old[[zh]]9-13岁

[[en]]This course is suitable for students who would like to improve their literacy and ability through the learning of art, and for students who wish to specialize in art.

[[zh]]Bronze 课程专注于艺术绘画基本功 - 除了传统的绘画基础老三样“素描,色彩,速写”,课程同时还融入创意与设计素描,设计思维概论,设计规则以及艺术史的研究学习,全面提升学生的综合艺术素养及绘画技巧能力。符合当地教育的形式与内容,更加体现了枝藤艺术教学的应用及实用性。
[[en]]Bronze course focuses on the development of fundamental skills in art – in addition to the traditional basic art styles, “sketching, color-painting, and quick sketches”, the course also incorporates creativity, design concepts, thinking and rules, and the study and research of art history, which would improve students artistic literacy and drawing skills comprehensively. Conforming to the local educational content and curriculum, R & C Academy provides an applicable and practical teaching of art.


[[en]]Grade 9 and Above[[zh]]Grade 9以上

[[en]]Have a certain pursuit of art; wish to develop art as a specialty; extra-curricular for applying to Universities (various majors)

[[en]]Applying for art majors; but not clear of your specific goals (which major/universities)