Paula Lackey

[[zh]]儿童部资深导师[[en]]Senior Instructor for Children's Classes

[[en]] [[zh]]10年儿童教育背景

[[en]]Paula has always been an active member of the Artistic Community in the Lower Mainland. Paula was taught art and crafting techniques at a very early age which has begun a life long journey to not only share those teachings with young children but to continue to learn and expand her own personal growth. Paula is passionate, fearless and a performer at heart. After receiving the Roll of Honour award for drama in high school, she combined her love of music with her love of the stage and joined an acclaimed women’s acapella show chorus (she sings the low part) and has competed internationally with 7 metals (5 gold, 2 silver) to her credit. Paula has done everything from set design to stage management to being the star of the show. Even at this level, she continues to teach children and has been actively involved in a performance program called ‘Young Women in Harmony’. Currently employed by the Surrey School Board and also work at R&C Academy, she continues to explore education through the use of art forms. Known for her work on educational lesson plans drawn as a cartoon panel, she is actively sought out by those looking for a new way to present an old lesson.
[[zh]]Paula Lackey 一直是大温地区 Artistic Community 的成员。 Paula 在很小的时候就教授艺术和手工艺技术,不仅要与年幼的孩子分享这些教义,还要继续学习和扩展自己的个人成长, 这让艺术成为她一个终生的旅程。Paula 充满激情,无所畏惧,并且是一位表演者。在获得高中戏剧荣誉奖后,她将自己对音乐的热爱与对舞台的热爱结合起来,加入了备受赞誉的女性 acapella 秀合唱团(她演唱低音部分),并在国际比赛中获得7次奖项(5金,2银)。 Paula 已经完成了从布景设计到舞台管理,再到演出的明星所做的一切。即使在这个级别,她仍然继续教育孩子,并积极参与一项名为“和谐的年轻女性”的表演计划。她目前受雇于素里学校董事会和继续在枝藤艺术设计学院工作,通过艺术形式继续探索教育。以她作为卡通小组绘制的教育课程计划的工作而闻名,她一直积极探索新方法来展示旧课程。