Lainey Findlay

[[zh]]儿童部资深导师[[en]]Senior Instructor for Children's Classes

[[en]] [[zh]]小学退休公校老师

[[en]]Lainey is a dedicated professional who wants to advance the artistic endeavours of young, impressionable students through the world of art.  She has worked in an honourable career within the Surrey School Board.  She has guided students to realize their own potential.  She has been a Girl Guide leader, a Destination Imagination coach and a volunteer in the schools where her own children attended.  She has travelled extensively throughout Europe studying many art forms and prolific artists.  She has a flair for photography and written expression.  She is an important asset to our program that supports the growth of our students.
[[zh]]Lainey 是一位敬业的专业人士,她希望通过艺术去推动年轻,易受影响的学生的艺术创作。她曾在素里学校董事会工作过光荣的职业生涯。她引导学生发挥自己的潜力。她一直是 Girl Guide 的领导者,Destination Imagination导师和自己孩子所在学校的志愿者。她曾在欧洲各地旅行,学习许多艺术形式和艺术家。她有摄影和书面表达的天赋。她是我们支持学生艺术成长计划的重要老师。