Kelly Gao


[[zh]]Kelly 毕业于 UBC Visual Art 专业。生于艺术氛围浓厚的家庭的她通过10年的艺术学习掌握了多种艺术媒介。她的作品以多元化数字传媒艺术形态为主,并热衷于融合各类不同的媒介与视觉艺术的多维空间创作。Kelly 深受 Damien Hirst 和草间弥生的影响,励志于寻找一种属于自己的独特的多维视野艺术形态,希望从多维视角来展现世界,通过多元化渠道来了解来感受来抒发来分享!她喜乐于将东方传统文化与西方现代艺术多方位多视角融合。 Kelly 擅长用摄影,视频,雕塑,板画等多维形式来进行艺术创作。并熟练使用 Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, Adobe Animate, Adobe Premiere 等软件。[[en]]Kelly graduated from the Visual Arts Program at UBC. Growing up in a family full of artists, she learned to make art through a variety of mediums in the past 10 years. She is passionate about creating unexpected perspectives to her work by her multidisciplinary approach. Kelly is inspired by the works of artists like Damien Hirst and Yayoi Kusama with their original ways of presenting art through space. Likewise, Kelly aspires to create her own visual language to express her visions. In her works, she hopes to integrate her Asian background with western cultures. She enjoys expressing her multicultural perspective through her work. Kelly is knowledgeable about concepts in photography, filmography, sculpting, printmaking and various other artistic disciplines. She is also familiar with software like Photoshop, Audition, Animate and Premiere.

[[zh]]Kelly相信每个孩子都拥有自己的独特性,希望通过尝试不同的艺术形式来挖掘独属于学生自己的艺术风格和观察世界的独特视角。同时希望学生在学习传统艺术技巧的时候拥有更多元化的思考方式。[[en]]Kelly believes in the individuality of her students and hopes to help each student to discover their own artistic perspectives. Through teaching multimedia, she also hopes to broaden the perspectives of students when approaching traditional artform.