[[en]]Graduated from Emily Carr University of Arts and Design’s Illustration program. Committed to working within the context of pop culture and childhood memories. He primarily works with Ink and Digital. During his creative career. He has worked on multiple large scale mural, branding, and design projects for businesses and local cities in Vancouver,and engaged in art education for 8 years.[[zh]]毕业于艾米丽卡尔艺术设计大学插图专业。致力于在流行文化和童年记忆的背景下。,他主要用墨水,油画,和电子绘图来创作。在他的创作生涯中,他曾为温哥华的企业和当地城市设计多个大型壁画,平面与概念设计项目,并从事艺术教育工作8年。