Jane Franklin

[[zh]]儿童部资深导师[[en]]Senior Instructor for Children's Classes

[[en]]Jane has enjoyed art in many forms and expressions since her childhood in London, England; and she loves to foster that enjoyment in her students. Jane has spent many years working with children of all ages and abilities in both Coquitlam and Surrey school districts. She has designed and created painted art furniture, driftwood mobiles, jewelry, fibre art, hand painted signs and canvas paintings, she writes content for professional websites, works in a South Surrey school, and teaches at R&C Academy. In recent years, she’s led students from local schools in projects such as painting a school bench and painting a snow plow for the City of Surrey. Janes’ background is primarily drawing watercolour and acrylic paint. She enjoys creating temporary art from natural materials and leaving it on local beaches for the tide to wash away. If she ever has time, she’d love to write and illustrate a children’s book. Jane believes that every child can benefit from an art education and the many skills that they develop when engaged in art activities.

[[en]] [[zh]]Jane从小在英国伦敦长大,小时候已经在各种形式中享受着艺术;这也促使她喜欢培养学生的乐趣。 Jane曾在高贵林和素里学区与不同年龄和能力的孩子一起工作多年。她设计和创作了彩绘艺术家具,浮木手机,珠宝,纤维艺术,手绘标志和帆布画,她为专业网站撰写内容,在南素里学校工作,并在枝藤艺术设计学院任教。近年来,她带领当地学校的学生参与很多项目,例如绘画学校长凳和为素里市区绘制雪犁。Jane的背景主要是绘画,水彩和丙烯涂料。她喜欢用天然材料制作临时艺术品,并把它留在当地的海滩上,以便冲走潮水。如果她有时间,她会喜欢写一本儿童书。Jane认为,每个孩子都可以从艺术教育中获益,并在从事艺术活动时获得许多技能。