Iara Barylko


[[zh]]Iara 是一位对美术与教育特别热心的自由艺术家,现在正在 Emily Carr 大学就读 插画专业,曾经也读过视觉艺术专业。Iara有使用多种绘画材料的经验,列如丙烯、油画、石墨、木炭、墨水、钢笔、粉彩、水彩、彩色铅笔、橡皮泥和粘土,与此同时,Iara也在雕塑上有一定的研究,并且曾经学习过插图,装饰艺术,雕塑与艺术史。
[[en]]Iara is a freelance artist with a strong passion for art and education which extends to her teaching. She is a third year Illustration student at Emily Carr University of Art+Design and has become proficient in a variety of mediums, such as: acrylic paint, oil paint, graphite, charcoal, ink, pen, pastels, watercolour, coloured pencil, plasticine, and clay. She has also sculpted with wood, melted crayon, and hard foam. Previously in the Visual Arts program, she has taken courses for community projects, illustration, installation art, painting, sculpture and art history. 

[[zh]]Iara 从小时候就开始帮助照护社区中的小朋友,她担任过六到十二岁和十三到十七岁学生的领导老师,从中创作了很多有趣的课程也在学校手工作业上帮助了很多学生。Iara 老师相信每个学生都有不同的学习方式和独特的特长,她希望能继续帮助各样的学生培养艺术技巧和热心。
[[en]]Iara has been helping take care of the children in her community since she was young. She has been a leader teacher for kids from 6-12years old and a youth group 13-17years old, creating exciting programs and helping children with their projects. She maintains the belief that every child learns differently and every child has great potential. She hopes to help nurture both skills and a love of art to all ages.