Crystal Wang


[[en]]Education Background[[zh]]学术背景​

[[en]]Master of Fine Arts - Brunel University London, UK

[[en]]Bachelor of Fine Arts - Shanghai Normal University, China

[[en]]Crystal has been learning art disciplines from traditional Chinese paintings from a very young age. With her skills, she completed her bachelor of Fine Arts in China and her master degree in Fine Arts in Europe. Later, she went back to China to teach Visual Art and Arts Administration at University. Crystal helped students to think actively in a very thoughtful way and many students really enjoy her classes. By opening the Shanghai Children Visual Art Studio, she guided many students to develop an interest in drawing.

[[en]]Career Background[[zh]]教育工作背景

[[en]]Founder - Cocktail Art Academy
[[zh]]上海立达学院艺术设计系 - 讲师

[[en]]Main Lecturer - Shanghai Zhuozhiyun Art Centre
[[zh]]上海卓之源美术文化培训中心 - 高级讲师

[[en]]Founder - Shanghai Children Visual Art Studio
[[zh]]上海视觉儿童艺术工作室 - 创始人

[[en]]Crystal immigrated to Vancouver in 2014 and opened Cocktail Art Academy in South Surrey. After running the school for 4 years, she has made R&C Academy a well-known art school in the area. Her students have obtained awards in many competitions such as the International Comic Contest, the Painting World Cup, and the Remembrance Day Poster Design Contest. Besides that, Crystal also teaches classes like Brand Design, Visual Art, and Creative Design Thinking for older students.

[[en]]Educational philosophy[[zh]]教学理念

[[en]]Crystal summarizes her teaching principles in 4 words:  Passion, Knowledge, Creativity, and Fun. As the course creator in R&C Academy, she always comes up with courses that combine visual design, mixed media, art culture, and art history. Crystal is also the superintendent of learning. With her knowledge of fine arts and teaching, she supports all the teachers in creating a positive and productive learning environment.
[[zh]]Crystal老师独创 P + K + C + F 教学理念,将艺术的那份热情 (Passion) ,结合艺术知识 (Knowledge) ,创造力 (Creativity) 和乐趣 (Fun) 充分结合在一起。Crystal也是儿童艺术课程系统总设计,她坚持将视觉艺术设计、综合材料、艺术语言与技能,文化与艺术史结合儿童心理学、儿童绘画艺术学。Crystal也负责教学督导与培训总负责,她将自己的教学理念和课堂实践,与加拿大本地西人老师和中国背景的老师保持着不间断的交流,在Crystal的带领下,团队的所有成员都有着一颗积极乐观,与孩子们一起寓教于乐的心。

[[en]]Crystal believes every child is created in a unique way, so she wants to teach every single one of them to express themselves in their own way. Of course, students all need guidance. Crystal only provides support to teach them how to avoid failures, but not to limit their creativity. She teaches and inspires through her kindness and patience. She hopes all her students can find interest in creating art and gain personal growth in the process.
[[zh]]Crystal认为 - 每个孩子都是上天所创造的艺术品,一切从孩子本身出发,用心坚持、用爱维护、同时加入适当的符合孩子兴趣艺术熏陶就是儿童艺术教学的本质。同时,正面积极的引导也是作为老师必须肩负的责任,这绝对不是限制学生的想象力和创造力,而是领带孩子如何避开歧途险路,进行积极、健康的引导和艺术创作。充满爱心、耐心、坚持正道的领带和启发,才能使孩子享受到艺术创作的练习的乐趣,同时,艺术学习的过程也是对孩子性格塑造,人生启蒙的重要经历。